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"My color palette reveals the depth of my sensitive and receptive personality. Each stroke in motion is a reflection of my constant thoughts in change and evolution. My work is a visual symphony, a dance of colors that captivates and expresses the story of my soul.


In my search for expression, I fuse two seemingly opposite artistic currents: Pop Art, seen as a global and social movement that challenges the elitist culture rooted in the fine arts, and Hyperrealism, which delights in the faithful and almost photographic reproduction of reality. I call this unique amalgam Hyperpop.

In a world marked by a lack of communication and resistance to self-knowledge, my art stands as a beacon of empathy. I observe the little tolerance, the inequality and the persistent physical and emotional abuse, and I decide to counteract it with the transformative force of my brushes. Painting is not just a privilege; It is my tool to survive in this chaotic scenario, instilling positivity and hope.

Today, my mission goes beyond artistic creation. I immerse myself in the passions and experiences of various people, intertwining them with my own, with the purpose of enriching our existence through art. Each stroke is an act of resistance against the darkness that threatens our daily lives.

In this creative universe, my mental chaos finds its calm. Each brush stroke is a catharsis, layer after layer of paint intertwining to give life to a canvas full of meaning. My goal is simple but profound: to bring smiles, lighten daily burdens and, to the extent possible, mitigate the problems that plague us all every day.

I invite each individual to immerse themselves in my work, to discover the colorful narrative that speaks of humanity and its complexities. In every nuance, there is a connection that goes beyond words. Together, through art, we can weave a bridge of understanding and transformation. Welcome to my world, where painting is more than a creative act; It's an embrace of life itself.

Passions are painted to release emotions.

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@ 2021 Silvana Pabón All rights reserved

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